Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WMS September Release Sneak Peek: Spooky Tree and Vintage Witch

Today’s the last day of sneak peeks for Waltzingmouse Stamps.  Do you like what you’ve seen so far?  If you’re like me and enjoy a little spooky fun, then let’s take a look at the two last sets: Spooky Tree and Vintage Witch.

I happen to really love vintage school and office supplies, and flashcards are one of those things I pick up now and again when I find them at antique shows or flea markets.  Since these images are so well done and have a very vintage feel, I thought they would be perfect for this project!  I simply created a rectangular shape in Word and added the letters and words according to the images I wanted to use.  My favorite of them all is this witch from the new Vintage Witch.  Isn't she great?!

This is another one of those fabulous WMS images that, upon inking it up for the first time, I let out an audible gasp and admire the terrific artwork and detail!  But what about this one, using the Spooky Tree background stamp?

I only used a small part of the stamp but isn't it amazing how a few tree branches can be so eerie?

So what do you do with these cards, you ask?  Well, how about this super simple banner:

That is just burlap cut into pendants and glued to twine.  The pendants are actually stenciled with the letters F-A-L-L, but for this project all I had to do is paperclip the flashcards onto each one and it became a Halloween banner!  The spooky card uses a stamp from one of the sets we showed you yesterday, All Hallow's Eve

Or, you can make several and do what I did, which was to jazz up my favorite card and turn it into a mini piece of art to tuck it into my fall decorations:

I covered a piece of chipboard with patterned paper and added the card.  I stamped some twill tape with two other stamps from Vintage Witch to create my own Halloween ribbon.  And the little black embellishment?  I made it using air dry clay; I gently pressed the "Halloween" stamp into the clay and let it dry overnight before painting. It was my first clay project and I love how it turned out!

I hope you'll give this a try, because it's so very simple but makes a great addition to your Halloween projects!

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Thanks for visiting today and come back tomorrow for the release day blog hop and the final full reveal of the new stamps!


Cammie said...


snowbear said...

Fabulous idea!!!! your banner is great! I like the look of the flashcards!!! Great job!

Julia Aston said...

I love these wonderful vintage flash cards Jennifer - and the decoration you made using the witch! very crafty!!

Kelly S. said...

OMG these look so authentic! Like real ones from an our old kindergarten I dating us? Myself? Hee! So creative, Jennifer, and they make for an adorable banner!

LaurieJ said...

Wow!! Your flash cards are superb! Super creative. And the card that you made from one is perfect.

Deborah Frings said...

I just love the idea of Halloween flash cards :) I think the use of them to make the Halloween banner is just great and the card too!

Pat Jandacek said...

These displays are very clever! I love the flash cards - what a great idea and to add them to your Fall banner, too. Stamping the ribbon and the clay - fabulous. TFS


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