Sunday, August 12, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I've been a bad, bad blogger!  I realize I've been MIA for most of the summer.  I guess that's to be expected this time of year.  But I haven't been on an extended vacation or lying around poolside.  No, instead I've been doing something much different.  If you have a cup of coffee and some extra time, read on (this is a long one with a ton of photos!).
I know a lot of you can relate to what I'm about to tell you.  I spend hours browsing, reading, pinning, and dreaming of the wonderful creations that I, too, want to accomplish in my own home.  Or kitchen. Or closet. Or yard.  Because Pinterest has it all, doesn't it?  A million and one ideas that are fabulous and that I must tackle immediately.  But some things have went undone for too long in my house.  Which is why I'm get some things done once and for all!

I've come to the recent conclusion that I try to "fill" my space and buy things that I think look right, based on what I've seen online or in a magazine.  But I think I end up being discontented with them because these things don't have real meaning and value to me.  They are, simply, just filling the space. So, instead, I am working on filling my home with things that I love.  Things that have true meaning and value to the people that live there.  And, in the process, I've discovered a new hobby that I really love.  So let me dive right in and show you!

I've caught the restore/upcycle/refinish/repurpose bug.  I've been stalking thrift stores, Craig's List and yard sales for interesting and old items that I can turn into something beautiful and unique for my home.  This started slowly, with mostly accessories items, but now I'm into the big!  And this is my most recent project. I wish my dining room received better sunlight so I could capture this better, but once you see the "before" shot, I think you'll agree that it's quite a makeover:

I found this on Craig's List and bought it for $20 from a couple who were moving and desperately needed to ditch some of their furniture.  We bought several other pieces from them, too, so you can bet you'll see more projects like this on my blog!  After giving it a good wash down (it was quite dusty), I painted the inside of the hutch with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.  (Enabler alert:  I could write a whole post on Annie Sloan's wonderful paint products!  They are my latest obsession and I cannot recommend them enough.  Just Google the name and you'll see what I mean!  Bloggers across the land are singing her praises!)

The trim and shelf edges were painted Pure White because I really wanted that detail to pop.  That is what made me love this piece when I first saw it.  The outside of the hutch was painted French Linen.  When it was all done, I finished it with a coat of clear wax, lightly distressed it, then added a bit of dark wax.  The dark wax was a little intimidating to me, so I used a tiny bit of it mixed in with the clear wax at first.  This let me control the color a lot better than if I had added it full strength. 

And now, gratuitous photos of my first makeover project!

I'm really thrilled at how this project turned out.  Thanks for visiting me today and I hope you enjoyed a slight departure from my usual paper crafts!  I promise I'll be back sooner rather than later to share more of those, too!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Lynn Mercurio said...

What a beautiful hutch makeover!!! It's fabulous. I too have been a bad blogger especially since mid July. That's okay though...we are here for you anytime you want to post. Besides, it looks like you have been plenty busy!

Meredith MacRitchie said...

Oh my gosh Jennifer, this turned out STUNNING! I love the colours you chose, and the distressing looks perfect. And I love the collection you've showcased in there!

Holly Saveur said...

LOve the colors you did such a great job!!!
We have all antiques in our house each piece is choosen over a period of years and I love each piece so much..some we have over 27 years and I cannot realy imagine ever want to part with them.....if you choose with your heart it's always gone be oke I think.

lynn said...

jennifer, this is so lovely! projects like this become addictive:) love annie's paint, too!

grammie jackie said...

I love your hutch. If I had a Pintrest account I'd Pin this!

suzyq said...

GORGEOUS!!!! absolutely love this
Your newest follower - would love to have you visit and follow back when you can

madeforaking said...

I love the color combination. You did a great job!



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