Monday, May 18, 2009

I Interrupt This Blog to Bring You...

A kitchen remodel update! A while back I mentioned feeling overwhelmed and behind due to a few "challenges." Well, this week those challenges collide!

Challenge #1:

In case you cannot tell, that, my friends, is what is left of my kitchen floor. And to get down to the sub floor, we've (okay he - my husband) had to dig through three layers of tile, plywood and press wood. And about a million nails. For three days straight. And he's not done yet. As I type this post, I hear the loud sounds of a huge piece of metal scrapping the floor, taking out everything in its path. And in the process leaving the entire house in a layer of dust. Achoo!

Challenge #2 (there are no pictures, thank goodness):

Sinus surgery on Thursday. It's been planned for weeks and weeks now, and it's finally come down to a few days away. And I won't lie. I'm a little scared. I've never had surgery before and the thought of someone spending two hours in my nose makes me a little nervous. There's some important stuff in there, ya know? I know that it will be alright and that maybe at last I'll be free of sinus infections and antibiotics, but...I'm scared. Just a little.

Okay, so now you know why I've been MIA lately. I do plan to get some serious stamping done while I'm recuperating at home over the long weekend. I have brand new stamps that have never seen ink! There's no way I can sit around for five days without breakin' those puppies out! So I'll be back soon (I promise!) to share some of my latest creations, including my May Purple Onion Designs projects. Good night!


Verda said...

Kitchen remodels can be so inconvenient. Been there done that. But you will love it when it is done. Wishing you the best with your surgery.

Claire Brennan said...

Oh you'll be grand with the surgery Jennifer - hope you have a speedy recovery, and a fab new kitchen to look forward to!!!! Best wishes.

Karen said...

I can sympathize with the remodel, I lived an entire summer without a kitchen due to DIY. I'm sure your surgery will go well and in a short time you will wonder why you hadn't done it sooner. The anticipation is far worse than the actual surgery. Wishing you a quick recovery.


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