Sunday, October 26, 2008

Answering Questions...

I thought I’d take a few minutes to answer some questions. I figured if one person is thinking it, someone else is, too! And just a reminder when leaving a comment: It would be great if you could include your email address so that I can respond to you and answer your questions in the moment.

What do you use to adhere glitter? What do you use when you want glitter around edges? What about the whole image like your black cat cards?
I use my Xyron when working with glitter to cover an entire image, like the moon on my Halloween cards. I find it’s easy, quick and the glitter really stays put. I have also used spray adhesive in the past, but it’s a little messier, not to mention the smell. I suppose you could use any glue that would dry clear and just brush it on with a foam brush. As for the edges, you could go back with a glue pen and add glue to the edges and roll it around in glitter (or the foam brush again). I’m not sure if you’re referring to chipboard or something thicker, but I think that would still work.

What is your secret to keep the Model Magic from cracking once dry? (Referring to this project and this project.)
This is just hit or miss. Sometimes it cracks, sometimes it doesn’t. But, I do find that if I make the clay on the thin side it tends to dry without cracking; or at least the cracks are less noticeable.

Where did you find the tin you used? (Referring to this project.)
I bought the tin online at


Anonymous said...

Jennifer I just "ran into " your blog a couple days ago. It is fabuloussssss ! Great job , alot of "goodies". I have read something about your new craft room/ studio and I am dying to see it, would you share some photos? I am always on the look out for clever storage ideas. Also I am a "Washington Betty" too, what area are you? I am on beautiful Whidbey Island, the weather is gorgeous right now! thanks for sharing so many great goodies!

Kate's Life said...

Love your blog- beautiful projects and great ideas! So glad I found you!!!!
Thanks for sharing your ideas and have a great day!!!


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